Triple Muse Publications was originally created to publish and market Sylvia Brallier's Album "Awakening the Sacred Fire." Later on we branched into book publishing, primarily for the works of Ms. Brallier and Tobias Beckwith.

sylvia brallier

Sylvia Brallier is an accomplished teacher, artist, writer, musician, dancer, scholar and director. She created the ShamaSoma method of somatic hypnotherapy, a unique system for self integration and healing. She is the author of the books Dancing in the Eye of Transformation and Ancient Wisdom for Total Vitality (with Master Ming Yi Wang). Currently, she is the Chief Culture Officer of Global Impact Media, a multi-media entertainment company that seeks to inspire the world to move towards sustainable lifestyles and infrastructures in order to fulfill the United Nations 2030 goals for planetary sustainability. www.sylviabrallierart.com




Tobias Beckwith comes from the world of show business. He has worked as actor, director, teacher, coach, designer, manager and producer for countless live entertainment projects, from Broadway to Las Vegas, touring theater to corporate events around the world. He has founded or been on the founding team for a half dozen different entertainment business ventures. All of that experience went into the creation of his books The Wizard's Way and The Wizard's Way to Powerful Presentations, and he brings those insights to all our projects. Like all of our associates, Tobias' interests and skills cover a wide range, from science, entrepreneurship and technology to techniques for giving more effective presentations and the study of perception, influence and cognition. Want more on Tobias? Click here.

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